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Spiritual teachings instruct us that to give it to receive. Utilizing this law, when we gave away our love to czech girls we would gain love in return. However, the law of Man states that what we give away we lose, in other words, we do not have it anymore and we have thus suffered a terrible loss. Therefore, we want to hang onto our slovakia brides, not give it away unless it is bargained for and traded. We look for an even exchange complete with assurances, promises, conditions and terms of performance. Judging single czech women from a fear based thought process means that you do not see the whole slovakia girls. Usually we focus on just a fragment of the individual being and, pulling out our old baggage magnifying glass from the suitcases, enter what we see as a fault. Warning bells go off, the defensive walls go up, and once again we shut slovak girls out of our lives because of a perceived threat to our security. Acceptance of choices and mistakes is key.  We must accept that no one is perfect, not even czech mail order brides, and forgive accordingly.  We must accept that the trials and tribulations we go through are stepping stones across the river of life, and that occasionally we will get our feet wet in the water.  We must let go and stop hanging onto a past relationship, fearing that we will never love again or that no one will love us like a czech bride did.  We must accept that there is no growth without challenge, no lessons learned without struggle, no gains in strength without pain. It will take great effort, but each of us needs to put down our trunks and allow ourselves to see each single slovak women that comes into our world with fresh new eyes, untainted from the behaviors of those in our past. We can learn to love again if we can dig down and find within ourselves the courage to leave our czech republic girls and take a chance.

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